Pekka Nikrus – City Focus – Helsinki

8 Jun

If one would imagine that photographers were hunter-gatherers, I guess I would be more of a gatherer than a hunter. Occasionally I do hunt for some particular image or motive, but mostly I am gathering pictures. It’s not unlike people wandering off to the woods to pick berries or mushrooms. I pick photos from my surroundings. All kinds of photos. Some days I get a good catch, especially if I’m in the right mood. Other days I return home empty handed.

For me photography is both a way of exploring and researching concepts of looking and seeing, while it also is a language for conveying these explorations. I don’t shoot any particular subjects, rather I use different subjects to gain more understanding in my explorations.

Through this process, which is quite organic, themes, series and concepts slowly emerge, giving a photographic form to both observations of the surroundings as well as my own inner visions. These lead to new thoughts, new paths to follow, new pictures to be taken. It is a reflective and iterative process that keeps feeding itself.

One theme I have pursued for a long time is “of man and environment” where I collect evidence of human interaction, impact and influence without showing the humans themselves. These five observations are from the environment of my hometown, Helsinki.


Albert Hendricks

26 May

Albert Hendriks
After an art education I started working in a hospital as an administrative
assistant. I still work there, there are bills to be paid.
Over the years my interest in painting has diminished; the painting process
is too slow for me. That is how my passion for photography and more in
particular landscape photography, developed.
Now I live in one of the most densely populated areas of The Netherlands and
even of Europe. Not an ideal surrounding area for nature photography. Just
recently I discovered urban photography .
I now look at my neighborhood differently. I take along my camera to take
pictures of my surroundings. My work area is just outside my door and has
grown. For that reason I love urban photography.


Hong Kong by Xyza Bacani

7 Jan
Nothing Personal, just a Lifestyle
A city of fast paced life and geometry,Hong Kong is a photographers paradise. Walking the crowded street for three years now,isolation is a sight i seldom see and capture. Photography for me is nothing personal but a lifestyle.



Border Country – Heeley, Sheffield. U.K. by Jawad Qasrawi

16 Oct Jawad Qasrawi

Border Country – Heeley, Sheffield, UK

This curious, windowless Sheffield building is the home to a curtain and blind maker. It is located in a residential area. and lies almost perfectly, and slightly exotically, on the 9th century boundary between the ancient English kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia. A culvert containing Meers Brook, a tributary of the river Sheaf, from which Sheffield derived its name, runs underneath it.

I walk past it frequently. And each time I pass it is different: I view it differently, it offers different views, light and weather change its appearance, the owners paint, change and maintain it… To show the same thing in many ways fits my ‘anti-style’ style of photography which is deliberately undisciplined, untutored and attempts to be at least partly voiceless. The world can appear to us in a multitude of different ways, it seems a shame and almost wrong to depict it in only one!

These images are taken with a variety of digital and film cameras over the last 3 years.


New Orleans Warehouse District/Arts District by Thierry Cariou

9 Oct

The old Warehouse District has changed a lot since my first time in New Orleans in 1976. it became the Arts District and  the old industrial storages have been replaced by Artwork galleries. But you still can find a trace from the past.

© Thierry Cariou (October/November 2012)


City Focus – Liverpool by Jeff Carson

12 Sep

City focus – Liverpool, UK

For me photography is a necessary reaction to the bombardment of the spectacular society and the ever-decreasing circles it would have me running around in. A way to stop and stare for a while. To consider what is of value in my life and why. With my pictures I try to convey sometimes my alienation from modern life (and my attempts to reconcile these feelings), sometimes the absurdity I see around me, and sometimes what the environment we create, and interact with, says about us.

And sometimes the beauty I see around me when I just stop and look.

This short series were all taken in and around the city centre.


Phillip Wilkinson – Johnston Street

13 Jul

This is Johnston Street, Collingwood, Australia; a place in a constant state of flux. Here, businesses open and close, residential properties emerge and diminish in a matter of months.This is my attempt to capture the chaos, colours, and transience of this place in 2013.


Darren Morgan

6 Jul

Why do I shoot?

I take photographs because I want to record how I see the world. I see the world as a series of ‘scenes’. Taking photographs of them allows me to capture them.

I need the release. This is how I express myself, if I don’t shoot for any period of time I become restless and unhappy.

I always wanted to travel in time. Photography allows me to do that. Some of the scenes I have captured no longer exist; buildings have gone or the topography has otherwise changed. Recording the scenes allows me to return to them and re-visit them. It might not be time travel in the classic sense but it’s the closest I have found so far.

Why do I shoot at night?

Firstly, it’s an aesthetic I really like. When I started shooting I tried a lot of different styles, night and long exposures was the first that really ‘clicked’ with me. I’ve been doing it ever since.

There’s also an element of risk in going out late at night with a bag full of photography equipment. I’ve had to talk my way out of hairy situations before and avoid trouble. There’s a bit of a thrill in that I guess.

And it’s a way of subverting the everyday. Everything looks a little more sinister at night. I’m a country boy at heart, the city late at night used to scare me a little. Going out and taking photographs is how I confront and defeat that fear.


Aalsmeer by Leonie Polah

2 Jul

The photographs are taken on the premises of the Aalsmeer flower auction. Inside the auction is going on with al the commotion and colours of a flower auction.
Outside there is quiet and a vast space. Somehow the place even looks a bit desolate. At least I saw it that way.
In my images I have tried to catch a feel of precision and lonelyness.



City Focus : Zurich by Nicco Bra

17 Apr


Architecture is all about proportion, the human body grows proportionally, as the human product known as “city” where architecture and human beings meet each other everyday is proportional. The rules that links one to another are often unknown or hardly understandable. Combining these aspects in a single shot, condensing everything in a frame is the real challenge: it can be really hard to find the perfect balance between so many aspects of a complex living organism, however the city, with multiples urban landscapes, guides the eye of the photographer or of the observer till he can find the right perspective and the perfect spot.  Zurich in this case is a good example: succession of void and full spaces, different neighborhoods, mixed architectural styles of different ages coexist side by side in a pulsing and evolving bustling city.

Nicco Brand

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