Francesca Pucci City Focus Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

7 Dec

In this project I chose to highlight the different colors, as these are the styles of this country. I tried not to isolate them from the rest, because I wanted it to be clearly visible the frame of the human aspect in this country: the nature. It is always present, in the form of reflection too. (photo 4) It is an element overshadowed in these photos, but important to represent this place.
The frontal and rigid shots, are softened by the lines of the trees, that are opposed to the straight lines and the colored blocks of the urbanism.


Markus Lehr (f1dot9)

30 Jan

Markus captures an empty world with only the traces of humans in it. Empty Streets,  Train depots all the places which people create but vacate at the end of each day. the stillness is quite a contrast to the long exposures he uses, but that’s what really grabbed me about his work in the endless parade of thumbnails on flickr,  each frame is so well thought out, it feels like it’s always existed. His pieces feel like stills from a film more often than not, where all the characters have just walked of the set. – Andrew Wurster 2013


Empty Streets 2 – By Alexis Gerard

15 Aug

The Empty Streets by Nick Barkworth

13 Aug

The fascination with a city deserted, devoid of all life, not a soul around comes from a love of sci-fi movies. From ‘I Am Legend’ to ‘Walking Dead’ the city is quiet and the streets empty (aside the occasional zombie).

A photographer wanting empty streets can opt for the simple approach of getting up early in the morning or staying up late into the night, but I prefer the waiting game. Waiting for the frame to be empty and then….click….everything changes as the empty street is caught in the lens.

Image Image

From being a vibrant city street, full of people and life….in the blink of the eye….it is empty, not a soul around. Sometimes not even a trace they were once there…maybe a lone car.


The shadows cast in a morning light give the feeling the city is waking from its slumber, the creatures of the night scurrying back into the dark recesses away from the good people of the world starting their business of the day.


Between the modern day canyon sides and valley floors the quiet sides streets lie, away from the glare of the busy thoroughfares, their corners and cul-de-sac’s confuse the unwary traveller.

Have a look at my other photographs in this collection here.

Many thanks for your time

Nick Barkworth


Empty Streets 1 – Melbourne by Andrew Wurster

9 Aug

About ten years ago, I lived in the city centre of Melbourne. I used to get up early on weekend mornings and I quickly noticed the lack of people around. At the time in Melbourne city living was just beginning to take off, there were relatively few people who lived  in the cbd. I would be able to walk a good part of my downtown street without seeing a single person, I found this quite fascinating and a contrast to the busy city feeling which had drawn me to live in that area. I started documenting it and started a flickr group called Deserted Melbourne: Postcode 3000.

I don’t work regular hours, I start and finish work well before most people do, I find often that there are so few people in my shots, this was coincidental initially but became more deliberate as time went one. The mood created by the empty city really works for me as I delved into flickr I found many people who obviously felt similarly.

I’m starting this as a new series of posts focusing on various cities and their streets without people.


5 Questions for David Crausby

31 Mar

1)How long have you been taking photos?
I probably took my first photographs when i was a little kid in the Seventies. so I guess that’s 35 years or more.

2)Why do you take photos?
For the magic, the sheer unadulterated joy of the process and the journey. There is no substitute or alternative.

3)What’s your favourite camera?
I don’t have one I can single out as a favourite but there are hundreds that I covet. At the moment I’m mainly using Nikon and Hasselblad.

4)Favourite Location?
Planet Earth.

5)Favourite Lens?
Again no favourite. It’s just a utensil, like a hammer to bang in a nail. different lenses for different scenes and situations.. But I prefer to use primes lenses and I currently have a soft spot for 85mm.


5 Questions for Philippe Yong

28 Mar

1) How long have you been taking photos? Like a lot of folks here, since my (long gone) teenage years (mainly because it looked cool to have a camera around your neck

2)Why do you take photos ? If you noticed it, it well deserves a frame to be remembered and looked at (again and again…)

3)What’s your favourite camera ?Used to be my faithful Nikon F2, but the Mamiya 7II now rules my world

4)Favourite location? Anywhere with a decent light

5)Favourite lens? the Mamiya’s 65 mm I don’t own yet…


Mark King – Aspects of New York City

18 Mar

Chicago by Phillipe Reichert

6 Mar

City Focus: Porto by Julien Brachhammer

23 Feb

Last October, I left Paris for a few days in Porto.
I didn’t know I was leaving my classical daily rainy greyish weather for three days in a photographers paradise too.
Indeed, everyting seemed to be important to take in pictures. People, streets, architecture, “things”, etc. So much to see. So much to shoot…

I just kept for this City Focus five photographs that I like, with a taste of yellow and blue.
Because it’s now what I first remember, when I am think to Porto. A sunny and warmy taste of yellow and blue.

Website of Julien
Full Set of Porto photos

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