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Guillaume R – Paris

9 Feb
Since my youth, I have ever been curious about the tags and the graffiti. Why, When, Who does it ?
Step by step I started to take street pictures like in a playground. I live in the suburbs of Paris  and as soon as possible I go and explore Paris and it’s suburban fringes, It’s an endlessly exciting game.
At first, I started watching graffiti but it opened my eyes to others interesting drawings. I’m in love with the dirty and broken city atmosphere .
   I look at  the « beautiful » in the places where you don’t want to live and I try to make sense. I was inspired by a lot of internet session , by people with whom I took pictures and photographers as Bruce Davidson or Marta Cooper.
I created a magazine “Vu dans la rue” (“View in the street”) you can see some online :

Scenes from a Japanese highway: by Spinster Cardigan

21 Apr

I am the eternal passenger. My love of taking photos from moving cars has cemented my status. While someone else is laboring at the wheel I am leisurely searching for an interesting shot. Approaching the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo my pulse starts to quicken as I prepare myself to be visually stimulated at high speed.  There is an absolute smorgasbord of fascinating infrastructure surrounding the highway in Tokyo. However, taking photos from a moving vehicle largely dictates that the resulting images are works of chance rather than careful planning. My eye looks for constancy in the ever changing environment, so repetitive colors, structures or objects are often a focus of my highway work.   Thanks to the frequent traffic jams there are plenty of chances to take a more steadied photo as the car stops briefly or slows down. However I often feel like a paparazzo vainly trying to take my money shot while being jostled around by jerky car movements, or hindered by other vehicles suddenly emerging and blocking the view. Luckily the nature of the Japanese highway makes me confident of discovering another “star” after the next bend in the road.


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