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Tone Bringsdal

18 Nov

Adorned with charming, white wooden houses and a vibrant cultural environment, Mandal is an idyllic and lively coastal town in the South of Norway. 
Yet there’s squeaking and creaking in rotten wood slamming against rusty metal, as a historic construction is waving goodbye.
On behalf of nostalgics and immortalizing – as far as technology can – a piece of history, I have captured the vanishing silhouettes of old shipyards as they’re being demolished, leaving solely a void of remembrance. 

These five photographs are part of a project exploring my hometown by night. Although always fascinated by industrial scenes and urban decay, it was not until I realized that this town is losing historically significant buildings at a rapid pace, that I decided to make it my purpose, with this particular project, to preserve memories of these monuments. 

Modern architectural accomplishments are replacing the old, but it takes half a century to bring soul to a building. 

Gamle Båtservice, Mandal 2012 © Tone Bringsdal, all rights reserved


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City Focus – Philadelphia PA by Andrew Wurster

1 May

I spent a  few days in Philadelphia on my way to New York from Washington, I had forgotten how derelict so many American cities can be in comparison to cities in Australia. There were so many incredible buildings falling into complete disrepair, I found it quite sad in what was the first capital city of the USA. As sad as it was it was visually inspiring. I’ll have to visit again sometime.

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