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Detroit by Evan Helfrich

30 May

I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I stumbled into photography & started taking pictures about 10 years ago. One of my favorite places to photograph is Detroit — it is probably the most visually fascinating city in the U.S.A. It is filled with re-purposed buildings and hand-painted commercial signs, and art and self-expression covers most public spaces (and not just from graffiti artists and taggers.) Any bare wall becomes a place to communicate a message, and apocalyptic quotations from The Bible are commonplace.  I was talking with a guy who ran a towing operation, and when he started his business he had a local sign painter add his favorite bible verse to his building (“No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper, He’s My Lord -N- Conqueror”) along with several superhero cartoon characters. There is a lot of vibrancy and alive-ness in Detroit, and those who never get past the “ruins” miss out on what is truly interesting about the city.

Teo Fiorelli

23 May

I’m Italian, and I live in Mondolfo, a nice village in the hills by the Adriatic Sea. I live where I photograph and I photograph where I live.

Martin Cote – Anxiety

16 May

“I just feel like there are no words coming out. I mean I love to dance, so I let my body speak for me. But I’ll always dance alone.”

“People scare me. I’m scared of myself. Nobody should see me. I want to see everybody. I want to be everywhere. I want people to like me. I hate everyone.
I should then set myself here.”

    Anxiety vs Fear

Fear is a normal reaction to a real immediate stimulus, while anxiety is the expectation of a future threat.
The “Anxiety” series is a walkthrough of some places that not only attracted me for their confidence of living their past, present and future all at the same time, but I also felt some sort of relief being there. It shows how I’m not yet able to deal with people.

I’m always questioning myself about my future, my behaviour, which way I should go or who I should talk to. Those places attracted me like if I was pushed towards them. They welcomed me in the gentlest way, Sometimes I stare at them for minutes and back home I stare at pictures for hours. I feel eternity.

To find those places, I had to walk, to ask myself which way to go, to explore, everyday, and always carry a camera. One day you’ll look up at your environment in a totally different way. You’ll know then you’ve grown up.

I got into photography on a whim. A friend told me he wanted to study photography at school, so I followed him without any expectations. By that time I’d never touched a camera and he idea of taking pictures stroked me at the very moment my friend explained his intentions. What surprises me now is that I already had my own conception of photography, a picture of a picture.
You could say it was almost a gift from above, knowing that right now, I dedicated almost all my time to photography

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