Urban Decay and Regeneration by Debbie Yare

30 Jan

This photo project follows the fate of an old industrial site situated on the banks of the River Lune, in my home town of Lancaster in North West England. The majority of old factories and warehouses here had been earmarked for demolition to make room for a new affordable housing development. Long before the construction companies moved in these old buildings had been left to rot. I began photographing at the site at the beginning of 2013 and returned several times over the next 16 months.
During my first walkabout I got chatting to some people who were watching the buildings being torn down. They had been employed at one of the factories and were coming here daily to witness the demolition of the site. They felt an important part of the town’s history was being wiped out, and expressed a mistrust of the developers and those responsible for ringing the changes. It occurred to me that their memories and experiences had woven their way in to the fabric of the buildings; and as the buildings came down those memories would fade with them. It seemed wasterful that the old factories were not being restored to their former glory and incorporated into the new development. On the other hand, new people would soon come here to live in the affordable housing. Perhaps they would be optimistic and hopeful for a positive future; beginning the cycle all over again, and starting the next page in the history of the area. It was with these two conflicting thoughts at the forefront of my mind that I began taking pictures.
I’m Debbie, a full time Artist based near Lancaster in North West England. I walk, draw, paint, and make photographs about the landscape You can find me on flickr and via my website:


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