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15 Oct

I am a photographer. I live in Paris, France. Actually the place where i shot does not matter that much. No matter where i go, i always find myself photographing the same walls, sidewalks and other doors. I never felt the need to have people in my pictures, as what seems lifeless is, for me, on the contrary, very alive. I love minimalism and even a form of poetry of emptiness in my pictures. I am actually searching for an harmony in my photographs that i don’t find in life which is often too violent for me. As well as i do perfectly control and understand the process of doing interior photography (my work) I do not understand the process of how i do my personal pictures. I have rather the feeling that i am receiving the picture rather than really doing it myself in a very conscious and controlled way. So i keep on doing pictures until magic happens from time to time. Delphine Quême

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