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Jefrey Jacob – Ilam, Iran

21 Aug

I made these photographs to document what i see, and what i felt when i saw these seemingly “Ordinary” items and things in the streets of my new hometown of Ilam, Iran.

I was attracted to the natural symmetry that these ordinary and common place things present to my eyes whenever i venture out to the streets. I admit that i have spent barely three years in Ilam, but still, the place intrigues me. I have spent years photographing street scenes in the Philippines, but nothing prepared me to the mystery, to the enigma and to the mystique presented by these common, day to day occurrences that would seem suburban to locals, but has presented a whole vista of patterns, colors, shapes and organization that has revealed a different meaning to a newcomer like me. These would seem meaningless to many, but this series signifies a new start, a new way of looking and a new beginning in terms of my vision and of my work as a photographer and documentarist.


City Focus: San Jose, California. by Jim Dobbins

6 Aug

I’m Jim Dobbins. I photograph my local urban environment.
My photographs are an effort to discover compelling images in this environment.
Beyond the images there is no narrative.



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