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Eric Garsonnin Shopfronts

21 Jul

Storefronts are all similar and each is different. Character comes at you writ large, the neighbourhood’s history

in the building, the narratives of style and function.

Come closer and today’s business may not be what the first builder envisaged. Like a person showing years and

altered dreams, these building faces show edges of past disappointments and hope for the future.

In front, the people of Toronto walk by as ever.


The larger project


URB – Vanity by carapies

10 Jul

URB-vanity is a photography project now in its tenth year.
In this time I have learned to love the architecture.
I visited various European cities in search of their buildings and public spaces.
They are a great theatre that never disappoints, they light the walking and clothe & the people who inhabit them.
Seeking the atmosphere all create space and geometry, light and silhouettes.
It’s an exciting game.

See more of the series at

Glasgow Julio 2018_133
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