At Minumum by Marc Llach Pagés

16 Jan
AT MINIMUM by Marc Llach Pagès
At minimum wants to explore and analyse the aesthetic of the industrial suburbs
located around our cities. Because these contemporary landscapes built by our society
can be a revelatory proof of its moral courage. In the aesthetic of these desolated
environments we can watch the ferocious control, the power and the influence that
the modern society applies on its closest surroundings, in general, and on the human
being, in particular.
This situation turns into spaces that float in a one existentialist lethargy. They are
defined by a monotonous aesthetic with childish tones, homogenize textures,
inorganic nature and unmoving geometry. And, one of the most important things, it is
the fact of representing a one-sided break with natural space and its rules. Here, the
environment is manipulated and deformed by the way the human being wants and
being a self-caricatured. We can say that its identity becomes minimum, project itself
like a poor reflex of the cities that they have seen it growing.
Definitely, this is a radically human landscape whose result is a way of making and
understanding the world very contemporary.

One Response to “At Minumum by Marc Llach Pagés”

  1. sedge808 January 17, 2014 at 4:38 am #

    very very cool.
    I love the van. (saw it on flickr).

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