Dave Steely

12 Nov

Portsmouth is the United Kingdom’s only island city. It is surrounded by water and packed with people. Despite miles of spacious pebbled coastline it is still the most densely populated city outside of London. With over 200,000 people crammed into 13 square miles of land

The top level of a car park offers an urban haven from the masses below. It offers a unique physical space that is incomparable to any other public space in the city. Car parks are designed and constructed to be filled with thousands of machines. There are times however when they are devoid of all human presence. In these moments they can provide peaceful solitude and an eerie yet soothing silence.

I suppose it is the scale of physical space, and the sense of urban isolation it provides that I am attempting to capture on camera. Once daylight disappears, the artificial light can imbue the vacant space & surrounding views with an ethereal quality. I find this otherworldly look both welcoming and visually pleasing.

I avoid shots that look down on the city below as I think they create a sense of voyeurism that I am not interested in for these images. I prefer the feel of shots that look straight ahead, whether into tall buildings or an empty sky. This perspective helps present a feeling of detached isolation whilst also conveying the insignificance of what is below.

It is that insignificance after all, which I am escaping from.


One Response to “Dave Steely”

  1. Dean Jamie Mitchell November 14, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    Excellent photo’s.

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