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Border Country – Heeley, Sheffield. U.K. by Jawad Qasrawi

16 Oct Jawad Qasrawi

Border Country – Heeley, Sheffield, UK

This curious, windowless Sheffield building is the home to a curtain and blind maker. It is located in a residential area. and lies almost perfectly, and slightly exotically, on the 9th century boundary between the ancient English kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia. A culvert containing Meers Brook, a tributary of the river Sheaf, from which Sheffield derived its name, runs underneath it.

I walk past it frequently. And each time I pass it is different: I view it differently, it offers different views, light and weather change its appearance, the owners paint, change and maintain it… To show the same thing in many ways fits my ‘anti-style’ style of photography which is deliberately undisciplined, untutored and attempts to be at least partly voiceless. The world can appear to us in a multitude of different ways, it seems a shame and almost wrong to depict it in only one!

These images are taken with a variety of digital and film cameras over the last 3 years.

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