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Vienna – Museum Quarter by Olivier Pillaud-Tirard

26 Sep

In life, I like the variety around us that makes everything interesting, awakes our

curiosity and brings us into an even richer world.

With regards to photography, I try to capture the feelings and the images of life’s

beauties and varieties that exist in many ways, from very small details to very wide

views. I am looking for the contrasts in places, in colors, in different kind of buildings

and I try to bring out the live parts of all this amazing mixture called ‘city’ by integrating

people in the most natural way possible. There is also something mysterious and

fascinating about how all these go along together…

These pictures were taken in the “Museum Quarter” in Vienna, a place that really

inspired me with its life and contrasts.


City Focus – Liverpool by Jeff Carson

12 Sep

City focus – Liverpool, UK

For me photography is a necessary reaction to the bombardment of the spectacular society and the ever-decreasing circles it would have me running around in. A way to stop and stare for a while. To consider what is of value in my life and why. With my pictures I try to convey sometimes my alienation from modern life (and my attempts to reconcile these feelings), sometimes the absurdity I see around me, and sometimes what the environment we create, and interact with, says about us.

And sometimes the beauty I see around me when I just stop and look.

This short series were all taken in and around the city centre.

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