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City Focus – Firenze by beanerama

28 Aug
Firenze was the first european city I´ve encouraged to explore entirely (or at least the zones I knew and know-how-to-return-safely-home) by myself and my camera. A city where you definitely live and breathe renaissance as its being mixed up with the classic italian architectonical buildings at the same time. It may or may not be the most cosmopolitan city in Tuscany as I´ve seen on my stay, but after all, Florence remains classy and modern.
I love urban shots and specially the ones that focuses on less important things across the streets…which is basically what I did. I usually try to focus my captures on the urban essence: graffiti, walls, buildings and symmetrical beauty along the cityscape. And yeah, I’m always looking forward to get the best and unique shot (as everybody)

Frank Multari

13 Aug
Things on the street catch my eye for many reasons: geometric similarities between unlike objects, or some contraption that mystifies me.
Often it is the scenes that I know are fleeting that I find myself drawn to the most: a paper cup between two trucks, trash piled up by a fence, a spider and its web in the carcass of a forgotten car.

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