Darren Morgan

6 Jul

Why do I shoot?

I take photographs because I want to record how I see the world. I see the world as a series of ‘scenes’. Taking photographs of them allows me to capture them.

I need the release. This is how I express myself, if I don’t shoot for any period of time I become restless and unhappy.

I always wanted to travel in time. Photography allows me to do that. Some of the scenes I have captured no longer exist; buildings have gone or the topography has otherwise changed. Recording the scenes allows me to return to them and re-visit them. It might not be time travel in the classic sense but it’s the closest I have found so far.

Why do I shoot at night?

Firstly, it’s an aesthetic I really like. When I started shooting I tried a lot of different styles, night and long exposures was the first that really ‘clicked’ with me. I’ve been doing it ever since.

There’s also an element of risk in going out late at night with a bag full of photography equipment. I’ve had to talk my way out of hairy situations before and avoid trouble. There’s a bit of a thrill in that I guess.

And it’s a way of subverting the everyday. Everything looks a little more sinister at night. I’m a country boy at heart, the city late at night used to scare me a little. Going out and taking photographs is how I confront and defeat that fear.


One Response to “Darren Morgan”

  1. Stefano Mazza July 7, 2013 at 6:51 am #

    One of the best sets I’ve seen on this blog, I love night urban shots.

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