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“Lee Friedlander Inspired” by Avard Woolaver

16 Jul
This set of images is titled “Lee Friedlander Inspired.” This is my take on some of his ideas and motifs—reflections, shadows, signs, cars, self-portraits.
To me, his work conveys randomness, detachment, irony, and, most of all, a great sense of visual humour. He took elements usually regarded as obstacles and made them inherent and important parts of his images. So, in short, these images are my spin on Friedlander. They are meant to be the result of inspiration rather than imitation. I hope to have an exhibition of the work and possibly produce a book sometime in the future.
You can see the full set of images (60 in all) on my Flickr page:

Phillip Wilkinson – Johnston Street

13 Jul

This is Johnston Street, Collingwood, Australia; a place in a constant state of flux. Here, businesses open and close, residential properties emerge and diminish in a matter of months.This is my attempt to capture the chaos, colours, and transience of this place in 2013.


Darren Morgan

6 Jul

Why do I shoot?

I take photographs because I want to record how I see the world. I see the world as a series of ‘scenes’. Taking photographs of them allows me to capture them.

I need the release. This is how I express myself, if I don’t shoot for any period of time I become restless and unhappy.

I always wanted to travel in time. Photography allows me to do that. Some of the scenes I have captured no longer exist; buildings have gone or the topography has otherwise changed. Recording the scenes allows me to return to them and re-visit them. It might not be time travel in the classic sense but it’s the closest I have found so far.

Why do I shoot at night?

Firstly, it’s an aesthetic I really like. When I started shooting I tried a lot of different styles, night and long exposures was the first that really ‘clicked’ with me. I’ve been doing it ever since.

There’s also an element of risk in going out late at night with a bag full of photography equipment. I’ve had to talk my way out of hairy situations before and avoid trouble. There’s a bit of a thrill in that I guess.

And it’s a way of subverting the everyday. Everything looks a little more sinister at night. I’m a country boy at heart, the city late at night used to scare me a little. Going out and taking photographs is how I confront and defeat that fear.


Aalsmeer by Leonie Polah

2 Jul

The photographs are taken on the premises of the Aalsmeer flower auction. Inside the auction is going on with al the commotion and colours of a flower auction.
Outside there is quiet and a vast space. Somehow the place even looks a bit desolate. At least I saw it that way.
In my images I have tried to catch a feel of precision and lonelyness.


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