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City Focus: Tel Aviv, Israel by Iconicturn

30 Mar

“Eternity is this brightness, this unforeseeable width, this dissipating euphony on the fluff of castaways, and your dream beyond all justice and injustice. Eternity is this wave, which tirelessly breath to your mortal feet.” (Dušan Matić, The Sea)

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Shanghai – China by Florian Delalee

17 Mar

Shanghai – China, a city crossed by elevated roads bright of thousands of lights. I like take a long walk and get lost in this city to catch the dynamisn of this asian city. The following long exposure shot testify that surprising dynamism where everything is possible !
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Detroit By Christian Gates St-Pierre

10 Mar

Detroit, Michigan. A city in a much advanced state of dereliction. The epitome of a failing economy and a falling America. Is it still possible to write something about the misfortune of Detroit that has not been said already? Hardly enough. It may be even more challenging to illustrate the socioeconomic difficulties of Detroit through pictures of abandoned places, those places that became famous precisely because of their spectacular state of decay and their striking abundance in a single city that was once a prosperous one. Today Detroit is without a doubt the Mecca of “urbexers”, those intrepid explorers and photographers of contemporary urban ruins, the ruins or our civilisation’s industries, businesses, houses, hospitals, schools, churches or train stations, among a much longer list of abandoned places that haunt Detroit and many other cities of the Western world. The archaeologist that I am is naturally attracted by those urban ruins. I tried to select the most representative and evocative of my pictures from Detroit, but I can only worry about the incomplete image they can give of the city’s tragedy. Despite the absence of people in those recent photographs, what they illustrate is the material impact, the desolated scenic background of what is indeed and above all a deep social tragedy.

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City Focus: Cincinnati by Gene Dow

5 Mar

Cincinnati. It doesn’t get much more American than this city on the north bank of the Ohio River. Often referred to as “The Queen City”, Cincinnati is well known for it’s Italian architecture, cultural diversity, baseball team and steaming hot plates of spaghetti, piled high with chili and cheese.

In this series, I photographed in the Western side of the city, an area called Price Hill. It is forlorn, lonesome and deserted, but still has many stories to tell. I tried to capture some of the subtle beauty in the aging structures and the deep, rich colors that go unnoticed. I searched for and found age, patina, history and the traces of the many folks that have passed by over the years.

I’m always amazed at what treasures can be discovered when you actually take the time to look. Enjoy!

Gene Dow / 2013

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