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Urban India by Lumenus

15 Dec

Indian cities are compact but rural elements – animals, carts, tractors – often intrude. Conversely
urban elements in the form of small settlements, groups of buildings and ruins scatter much of the
countryside. What’s “urban” becomes blurred.
If the urban/rural/natural categories tend to mix there remains vast variation north to south and east
to west, and even over short distances within one state.
It was hard to pick five images of urban India. These are not representative ( fifty couldn’t be ), I’ve
chosen a set that encompasses variety – no common theme apart from “India”.

Other images from India at


Fasene – Brunswick, Melbourne

3 Dec

These photographs were taken in Melbourne in October 2012.  I am from Brisbane so I do not pretend to tell a story about Melbourne with each image.  Each is at best an exploratory sentence and I hope you like them.

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