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Dublin City by gordohart

26 Oct

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Robert Mac Neil – Cement Cities

13 Oct
Cement city :
A wonderful material that can build dreams. It all starts with a drop of water and some powder, like magic solid worlds are built. I am fascinated by all that can be made with Cement. I found the foundation to a new building very interesting as we take these conduits for granted but they could very easily carry life sustaining water to every person in the city. Then again they could be an explorers dream under the big city or a haven for crime and disease. It’s all in what you do with it. To me they were a great photographic subject full of potential. The textures come to life as they too will as part of our city.
Thank you for taking a moment to see more than just cement with me. – an evolution

11 Oct

Recently, we release our digital and print magazine ‘Refractions’ we’ve been very happy with the results of this project. We’ve decided that Refractions will have it’s own website the editors will be posting information about the next edition along with links to articles and photography they think will interest the group members. Please come and visit.

The Editors.

Andrew, Robert & Stuart

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