Five Questions for Stefano Mazza

20 Jul
1) How long have you been taking photos?
Photography has always been an interest that is gradually grown inside me from when I was a child, when I learned the basics from my father. However, I have developed a true passion for photography only recently. For a long time I did nothing but trials and errors, ranging as wide as possible and trying different creative approaches, with often uneven results, which were not very encouraging, but despite this my curiosity has not diminished. In the meantime, I started reading manuals and looking at photographs of the great authors, trying to learn as much as possible. I’m still growing now.
 2) Why do you take photos ?
I’m proceeding with my passion always with the desire to try, to learn, to experiment, but especially to capture memories and moments of the reality I see, from my own perspective.
 3) What’s your favourite camera?
 Small, light and smart. I’m currently shooting with a compact and with a micro 4/3 camera.
I’ve wrote a blog post on this topic, please have a look if you want:
 4) Favourite location?
 I see interesting things anywere and I like to take pictures in every place I visit, especially under a good light. For this reason, I always carry a camera at my side. I don’t have a truly “favourite” location, I can only say that I have a particular interest for urban environments, building details and landscapes in general.
 5) Favourite lens?
 Since I dislike geometric distortions I only avoid extremely short focals. When I need geometric precision I use a telephoto lens, when I need a wider vision I use a shorter focal.

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  1. elzopi September 8, 2012 at 6:17 am #

    wonderful aesthetic sense

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