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City Focus – Paris by Julien Brachhammer

20 Apr

City Focus : Sydney by Sean O’Brien

14 Apr
In sum, I am a self taught photographer with no formal education in this endeavour.
My main photographic interest lies in the street photography style. Having said that, I also respond to what the urban environment about Sydney has to offer and accordingly I will make an image, in response.
Overall I strive to capture the ‘what, how, if but or why, and possibly this, that or other. I try to have my images hug the moment, convey a message, meaning or emotion, or ideally convey a complete reaction I experienced the time I took the image.
I do my best to avoid images that are posed or cliche, and I rarely title an image. I subscribe to the view the image best speaks for itself: sometimes loudly, sometimes softly, and sometimes succinctly, or sometimes in volumes. Im not restricted to just using colour, or black & white: but I do find colour a difficult individual to deal, at times. Black and white gets past the obstacles of colour. To me black and white is less distracting and allows the soul of the image to be revealed in a way that colour cannot achieve. It allows the image’s soul to speak unhindered by colour. This is not in every case, and so, I’ll revert to using colour; but only when necessary.

City Focus – Adelaide by Wayne Grivell

7 Apr

City Focus – Adelaide

As a practising Adelaide architect, Wayne Grivell enjoys the sometimes hidden and secretive forms of beauty embedded within the built environment. The sense of drama, dynamism and light of night photography tends to open up new ways of seeing otherwise ‘mundane’ things.

Adelaide sits alone with a great desert to it’s north and is surrounded largely by flat planes and long highways. It is a lonely place in many ways and this is never more apparent than at night. The city and its mass of suburbia tends to drowse to sleep midway through the evening and the wonders of suburban lanes, warehouses, carparks and roadways become more readily apparent.

A dominant theme of Wayne’s work is the quiet and loneliness of suburbia, this seeming absence of people, with just the sound of distant cars to punctuate the stillness. Anything is possible in the lonely night hours.


Ambulance Litter
A deserted building on the Port Adelaide docks. The docks are vast, machine littered concrete spaces with immense cranes and trucks parked in stillness. This otherwise quite modest building was striking in it’s decrepit beauty.

Only One Way
The midway point of a long stretch of sawtooth warehouses that seemingly stretch for miles, all located in the heart of a large suburban area. All around are houses and within this precinct, the constant hum of machines, trucks and forklifts can be heard throughout the night.

Man in the Mirror
The back of a city fringe office block, striking in it’s slight surreality.

Empty Benches
The still night of deepest suburban Colonel Light Gardens. The suburb is characterised by a lack of street lights however some areas such as this school are lit well and crisply and stand out as unique places to capture the quiet afterglow of the day before.

One of countless suburban laneways, dominated by a language of corrugated iron and punctuated with trees. These lanes transform into something unique and characterful at night, with only the sound of distant traffic and possums scurrying overhead.


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