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5 Questions for David Crausby

31 Mar

1)How long have you been taking photos?
I probably took my first photographs when i was a little kid in the Seventies. so I guess that’s 35 years or more.

2)Why do you take photos?
For the magic, the sheer unadulterated joy of the process and the journey. There is no substitute or alternative.

3)What’s your favourite camera?
I don’t have one I can single out as a favourite but there are hundreds that I covet. At the moment I’m mainly using Nikon and Hasselblad.

4)Favourite Location?
Planet Earth.

5)Favourite Lens?
Again no favourite. It’s just a utensil, like a hammer to bang in a nail. different lenses for different scenes and situations.. But I prefer to use primes lenses and I currently have a soft spot for 85mm.


5 Questions for Philippe Yong

28 Mar

1) How long have you been taking photos? Like a lot of folks here, since my (long gone) teenage years (mainly because it looked cool to have a camera around your neck

2)Why do you take photos ? If you noticed it, it well deserves a frame to be remembered and looked at (again and again…)

3)What’s your favourite camera ?Used to be my faithful Nikon F2, but the Mamiya 7II now rules my world

4)Favourite location? Anywhere with a decent light

5)Favourite lens? the Mamiya’s 65 mm I don’t own yet…

Dead Times by Sonia Madrigal

22 Mar

Several social phenomena have in common big metropolis, nevertheless, those that originate in Mexico and some countries of Latin America, have certain peculiarities, to a large extent for the social inequality.

It is as well as many inhabitants of the Metropolitan area of the Mexico City we cover long routes inside the public transportation to come to our multiple destinations (school, work place, home), using for it about four hours daily.

The most used displacement means are the combi, minibus, trolley and subway, for this reason, inside and around these vehicles languages, elements and codes inherent exist, it create a coexistence subculture and even of survival inside the city.

On these trips, the people make use of these spaces to eat, to read, to listen to music, to study or simply to wait and, in view of this situation, there comes also the moment in which the weariness becomes clear: the multitude, the noise, the smells, the climate and the discomfort of these places, in addition to other proper factors of this big city, influence so much that for moments the people sleep or simply it remains absorbed in the weightlessness of his thoughts.

In this eternal coming and going inside the city, a part of our existence disappears giving him life to these Dead Times.


Mark King – Aspects of New York City

18 Mar

Chicago by Phillipe Reichert

6 Mar

Travis Barton – Denver Colorado

1 Mar
1) Where do you shoot?
I shoot primarily in Downtown Denver, CO. I work a full time job and so I have to use whatever time before or after work and during the weekends to get my shooting done. I often shoot up to 100 images a day, if not more. I’ve recently discovered that saturday is a far better day to shoot than sunday, because the people are out and about more and ready for a night on the town, so the energy is most electric.
2) What do you shoot with?
I use a Panasonic GH1, typically with a Canon 75-300mm telephoto lens. Occasionally I’ll shoot with a Tokina 28mm or Mamiya 50mm. I love the GH1 because it can use nearly any lens from any make model or generation, with the simple purchase of an adapter. Plus its video quality is gorgeous (One of the only camera’s on the market in its price range that can shoot 24 fps at 1080p, a hollywood standard), which is a plus, since I plan on making a film someday.
3) Photographic influences ?
My biggest influence in photography has easily got to be Weegee. I love the bizarre, dark, disturbing nature of his work. I like work that makes me have an instant emotional response. My other biggest influence in photography is Joel Peter Witkin, now although he may not be a street photographer, I love his work. There’s also a guy on Flickr I’ve recently discovered whose stuff is really great, I don’t know his name but he goes by Urban Exposure CPL. His style is great!
4) Why photography ?
Because music was starting to get boring. I’ve been writing and producing electronic music for about 15 years and I really wanted a new hobby. I’d always been interested in photography on at least the more basic levels, but when my roomate got a dark room and started collecting photography books, I started reading up on it more and decided to pursue it as a major hobby. I hope to some day get a couple of gallery showings and plan on starting work on a film this summer.

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