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City Focus: Porto by Julien Brachhammer

23 Feb

Last October, I left Paris for a few days in Porto.
I didn’t know I was leaving my classical daily rainy greyish weather for three days in a photographers paradise too.
Indeed, everyting seemed to be important to take in pictures. People, streets, architecture, “things”, etc. So much to see. So much to shoot…

I just kept for this City Focus five photographs that I like, with a taste of yellow and blue.
Because it’s now what I first remember, when I am think to Porto. A sunny and warmy taste of yellow and blue.

Website of Julien
Full Set of Porto photos

5 Questions for Jonathan Howard

18 Feb

1) How long have you been taking photos

I started taking photos around June 2008, so thats getting on for nearly 4 years.

2) Why do you take photos

To document my surroundings and show people what i’ve seen.
I’ve always been drawn to the urban landscape. I’m not sure where it comes from, maybe watching films like The Terminator or playing games like Dues Ex when I was a kid.
City life is so unpredictable and that’s what keeps me out there.

3) What’s your favourite camera

I bought the 450d back in 2008 and I still like it.
The 5d mk2 would be nice though.

4) Favourite Location?

My favourite location would be anything industrial or urban.
Building textures, rich colours, worn concrete, striking architecture and mundane streets are all things which make me want to take photos.
I’m based in Bristol and can’t seem to leave the place! So a lot of inspiration happens in my local streets.

5) Favourite Lens?

15-85mm & 50mm, I wish I had a wider lens and i’m getting more into primes.

Have a look at

City Focus: Lyon by Ian Lid

12 Feb

“Broken echo of the real world; face punch; or sensual caress.
From Boogie to Nobuyoshi Araki, through Nan Goldin and Daido Moriyama.
Bodies which expose themselves, territories which stretch out.
James Ellroy sets the stage, James Crumley drops off C.W. Sughrue, Iggy Pop sets the tone.
Faded colors, inadequate contrast, thrilling atmosphere.
Exhilarating journey in exquisite land.
A past which lives again, a present which flees, a future which shivers.
My finder is itchy – I push.”

More of Ian’s work can be found at

City Focus 13: London, Kings Cross

4 Feb

Peter L Edwards is a former lecturer in urban planning based in Oxford UK. His photographs can be found on Flickr under the screen name “bradman334”
Among his favourite subjects are the streets, architecture and urban landscape of London. He believes, to mis-quote Samuel Johnson, ‘a man who is tired of photographing London is tired of photography’.
He is particularly fond of shooting in areas undergoing a process of transformation as here at King’s Cross.

Peter can be found on flickr

“A New Twist on King’s Cross”
The roof over the new King’s Cross Station concourse designed by John McAslan & Partners.

“How to Visit King’s Cross”
Environmental graphics on the windows of the King’s Cross Visitor Centre at the entrance to Lewis Cubitt’s 1851 Old Granary Complex.

“Looking for Inspiration”
Students looking into the gallery showing old exhibition posters at the entrance to the new Central St.Martin’s College of Art which is housed
in the Old Granary Complex restored and adapted for its new use by Stanton Williams Architects.

“Is that The Guardian Sitting on the Fence Again?”
The new Guardian Newspaper HQ building which sits above King’s Place a visual and performing arts centre designed by Dixon Jones Architects.

“Winter Light Over King’sX St.Pancras”
View across the King’s Cross site towards the train shed of St.Pancras International Station and the gothic skyline of the restored Midland Hotel.

New York City – By Andrew Wurster

2 Feb
Andrew Wurster

East Village NYC

by Andrew Wurster

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