5 Questions for Chris Moret

23 Jan

1) How long have you been taking photos.
I’m back in photography for two and a half years now. Did not touch a camera for 16 years, while in the 90s I got a degree in photography and was really trying hard to get a job as photographer. A bit frustrated I drifted away then.

2)Why do you take photos.
Because nothing can beat the rush of just releasing the shutter and you get that tingly feeling in your stomach that tells you that you made a good picture.

3) What’s your favourite camera
Without being a snob but I have to say a Leica M, analog, still use a M4-P, or digital. Not because of the red dot, but for they’re solid build and the unobtrusiveness. And they are not so heavy to lug around all day.

4) Favourite Location?
Any city will do. A city in India would be a little more favourite because of the incredible friendly people and the huge energy.

5) Favourite Lens?
Most of the time there is a 35mm mounted. But last weeks a 28mm is gaining popularity.


3 Responses to “5 Questions for Chris Moret”

  1. sedge808 January 27, 2012 at 3:22 am #

    I really like the first and the last one.

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