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City Focus 11: Vancouver by Byron Barrett

23 Dec

As many photographers before me, I’ve always been interested in how the immovable landscape blends with that which is introduced to it, creating something new and one would hope, something not seen before.

Byron Barrett
Vancouver, BC

City Focus 10: Berlin by Artem Mukhin

19 Dec

City Focus 9: San Francisco by M.J. Kelley

12 Dec

M. J. Kelley is a fiction writer, photographer and filmmaker. He is
the founder and principal photographer for <a
href=”“>Dexter Washington
Photography</a>, a commercial photography company serving the Bay
Area. His architecture and urban cityscape photographs appeared in a
solo exhibition as a part of the Art Thieves series in November and
December of 2010. He picked up his first camera when he was nine and,
with only brief interludes, hasn’t stopped shooting since. He lives
and works in San Francisco, CA. His website can be found at <a


City Focus 8: Kolkata by Deep Sengupta

9 Dec
Since childhood, nomadic smiles and an amber evening,
Pirates, hieroglyphs, sandstones.  A lonely blind bye-lane.
‘Why can’t I play!  Once more!’ let’s play the game.
Sardines we’d played for one faceless name
Faces had no names, they called themselves daylight.
Their echoes are eating pastures, oranges and blues of emerald minds.
Ah! that soft old gush of cheerfulness and hue
when water-colour bathes her world Blue.
Blue dyed my city as flow loved to be her stream.
Then the Stream carefully puts her gush, my land is a sweet dream.
Dreams wake up from dark and another Kolkata is evermore new.
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