City Focus 4: Lisbon/Lisboa by Robert Ashby

9 Nov

“Hora Lisboa 2011” (A few hours in Lisbon, 2011)

I had wanted to visit Lisbon for a long time – friends had said how much they enjoyed it, and as a result I had formed ideas in my head of how it might look and feel.   It turned out to be different.   More of a melting pot than I had expected, more variety, more graffiti, less coherence and less comfortable.   No doubt if you spend more time and get to know a circle of friends there, it can very very engaging and convivial.  Even though there are some set pieces in the city, they are not the real theme, which is more bohemian and urbane at the same time.

My photography is very much about human spaces and what they say about the lives that the occupants and users lead; how we create the signifiers within them of what is to be said about these places where we spend our time.


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