Five Questions for Barry Falk

8 Oct

1) I first became serious in photography in my teenage years when I dabbled with a bulky Zenith. I set up a very basic dark room in the attic and printed black and white. I then moved away from photography into drawing, printmaking and painting. Photography returned as a tool to use for photo-silkscreening, adapting and enlarging panoramic photographic images taken on a small Canon Ixus. I then realised that the taking of the images, finding locations and the photographs themselves were much more interesting to me than the laborious silkscreens. Ever since then …..

2) I take photographs for the same reason I draw, write, read, etc = it keeps me fascinated in the world and in myself and others. I particularly like photography over my former studio-based art practice as it gets me out into the world and enables me to see things/places in completely new light (literally!)

3) At the moment I am happy with my digital Canon EOS 7D but would like to work with a large format camera

4) I get an irrational buzz from entering a huge derelict industrial site (though find it more and more difficult to get ‘original’ shots in these places…) but recently have tested my eye by looking for shots drawn from the places I always go past but rarely stop and look (loading bays, car parks, garages, local museums etc) – often the most mundane and unlikely places posit the most interesting shots.

5) 10 – 20 mm though my 17-85 is indispensible and I’ll find a shot with any

5 Responses to “Five Questions for Barry Falk”

  1. Marie Noëlle Taine November 26, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    This is excellent !

  2. davidcrausby December 26, 2014 at 10:26 am #

    quality work Barry and great to read some of your motivations


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