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Issue One

24 Oct
Urban Photo Magazine Issue 1

Urban Photo Magazine Issue 1

Urban Photo Mag a collection of urban photography from all over the world

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City Focus 3 : Torino by Paolo Cagliero

22 Oct

Torino is my city, I’m born here and I live here. I’ve always been interested in architecture and in the interaction between people and the urban environment.
For me taking pictures is a way to survive the chaos of ugly architectures all around me, trying to find a formal beauty in everything, even in the ugliest building.
And it’s often like a game where I try to catch basic geometric shapes in the real world, or a strict geometric composition, or fake collisions between objects, ect.
These are all methods used to organize disordered things, me first.
Maybe this selection is not the most representative of my work, but I tried to choose pictures with significant places of Torino. I hope you like it.


Five Questions for rwyoungimages

20 Oct

1) How long have you been taking photos.
I took my first photo with my dad’s Kodak box brownie when I was about 11 or 12. My parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic 25 for Christmas, 1967. When I stared work and had my own money I bought my first SLR in 1970 and began developing and printing my own film in 1971. I converted to digital in 2002, so I have been taking photos seriously for about 40 years.
2) Why do you take photos?
I have to, it is a part of my life. I can’t image not taking photos.
3) What is your favourite camera?
As much as I like my Canon 5D, my all time favourite camera was the Nikon Nikkormat. I used one for about 25 years (well, it was more than one, but you know what I mean)
4) Favourite location?
For urban photography, North Melbourne and the Melbourne CBD, but my all time favourite location is Iceland, the light and the scenery are fantastic.
5)Favourite lens?
The lens I use most (my walking around lens) is the Canon 24-105 L series but my favourite lens is the 70-200 L. It is beautifully sharp


Five Questions for Toru Ukai

14 Oct

1) How long have you been taking photos
In 1996 I began to take photos. At that time I stayed in South China, because I was an employees posted to the Guangzhou office in our company.

2)Why do you take photos
From my point of view, photography is a method of the interpretation of our world.

3) What’s your favorite camera
New Mamiya 6 MF, Contax G2 and PENTAX K-5

4) Favourite Location?
Everywhere in the city

5) Favourite Lens?
50mm/f4(Mamiya 6), 28mm/f2.8(G2), 17-50mm/f2.8(PENTAX/SIGMA)


Five Questions for Lost Muzak

10 Oct

1)How long have you been taking photos?
Since 2008.
Having gone through many phases of a typical photo hobbyist (tech fetishism, lens lust, flower macros, water drops, fake tilt shifts, lightpainting, hdr) only in 2011 I started to rethink the concept of photography.
In 2011 I read a lot about of photo theory (Barthes, Sontag, Kraus, Benjamin) and studied the masters (Strand, Kertez, Stieglitz, Shore, Struth, Demand, Bechers and many more) so I started to think of how I can use photography to create something.

2)Why do you take photos?
I regard taking photos as a constant visual and intellectual challenge. It is certainly not about capturing moments or documenting things but more or less to create something, to create a visual pleasure if you will.
That is why most of my photos are static and peopleless to some degree (people being only pictorial objects), my photos are experiments in composition and visual impact.

Main topics:

– Urban exploration which is actually more an adventure game than a photographic undertaking.

– Emptiness and subtlety: these are my actual photographic exercises.
3)What’s your favourite camera?
My Mamiya 645 pro. The switch to film enabled me for the first time to focus 100% on image taking. It may sound funny but with film I finally can get the image quality I ever wanted.
I used a Nikon D90 before and was always disappointed coming home and realizing that most of the images had massive dynamic range problems, CAs, blooming, wrong gradients and so on.
Especially with Kodak Portra 160 I almost always can capture the exact image I want to have, without the need of digital postprocessing.
So it is actually more about film than about camera, as pretty much any film camera with a decent lens will do.
4)Favourite Location?
Derelict, abandoned industrial sites (I love tubes, machinery, big empty halls) and urban city ghettos, preferably modern, made of concrete.
5)Favourite Lens?
Preferably a standard 50 mm 35mm equivalent, so my 80mm sekkor 2.8 is perfect.

Sometimes a light wide angle might become necessary, that’s where my sekkor 55mm 2.8 comes in.


Five Questions for Barry Falk

8 Oct

1) I first became serious in photography in my teenage years when I dabbled with a bulky Zenith. I set up a very basic dark room in the attic and printed black and white. I then moved away from photography into drawing, printmaking and painting. Photography returned as a tool to use for photo-silkscreening, adapting and enlarging panoramic photographic images taken on a small Canon Ixus. I then realised that the taking of the images, finding locations and the photographs themselves were much more interesting to me than the laborious silkscreens. Ever since then …..

2) I take photographs for the same reason I draw, write, read, etc = it keeps me fascinated in the world and in myself and others. I particularly like photography over my former studio-based art practice as it gets me out into the world and enables me to see things/places in completely new light (literally!)

3) At the moment I am happy with my digital Canon EOS 7D but would like to work with a large format camera

4) I get an irrational buzz from entering a huge derelict industrial site (though find it more and more difficult to get ‘original’ shots in these places…) but recently have tested my eye by looking for shots drawn from the places I always go past but rarely stop and look (loading bays, car parks, garages, local museums etc) – often the most mundane and unlikely places posit the most interesting shots.

5) 10 – 20 mm though my 17-85 is indispensible and I’ll find a shot with any

City Focus 2: Amsterdam by Wouter Rietberg

4 Oct

I’ve only started photography quite recently, a little over two years ago. Soon after getting to know my first DSLR, I regretted that I hadn’t started earlier. Since then it grew into something of an obsession, I never leave the house without my camera. I’m also getting less and less embarrassed walking around with a big camera and zoom lens, and taking shots of seemingly uninteresting objects.

My general interests are urban geometric abstracts, geometric minimalism, and the occasional (urban) landscape and sunset.

Wouter Rietberg

City Focus 1: Melbourne by Andrew Wurster

4 Oct

I’ve lived in Melbourne for two thirds of my life. I still really enjoy walking the streets of the inner city and discovering new vistas or even areas I’ve never spent much time in before. There has been so much development in the last ten or fifteen years, most of the inner city areas are un recognizable. There’s still loads of beautiful Victorian architecture, and there are some decent contemporary buildings smattered about as well. Watching the city evolve is one of my favourite hobbies and one of the reasons I take photographs

Photos by Andrew Wurster (

Five Questions for Jan Bakker

2 Oct

1) How long have you been taking photos
33 years

2)Why do you take photos
It helps me to enjoy the world

3) What’s your favorite camera
I really would love to have a medium format camera (but alas a lack of funds), but at the moment I love my D300 Nikon

4) Favourite Location?
The city

5) Favourite Lens?
Again a lack of funds has not put me in contact with my favorite lens : ) but at the moment I mostly use the 18-200 mm Nikon lens, it ‘s ease of use is great.

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