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Manolo G Perulli

30 Aug

“I think the best thing about pictures is that everybody can see and feel it on his own personal way. So I would like to leave the interpretation to the viewer. ”


Five Questions for Dr Abbate

13 Aug

1) How long have you been taking photos?

I came to photography from an art-making background, and it’s only in the last year that I have given it serious attention as a medium in its own right. Prior to that photography was for me a tool for gathering reference and research material in support of my drawing and installation practice. Photography also forms part of the subject matter of my art, as it concerns issues of representation and the mechanical reproduction of images.

2) Why do you take photos?

At the moment I take photos because I need to, because I’m trying to capture something essential, something perfect, and it’s an obsession.

3) What’s your favourite camera?

I have one camera: a Nikon D90.

4) Favourite Location?

I’m drawn to emptiness and banality, and I keep finding them in bureaucratic spaces like parking lots, hospitals, fast-food outlets–wherever the space itself is heavily administered for the achievement of some task or process. The irony of dehumanization in the servicing of human wants and needs is compelling.

5) Favourite Lens?

My favourite lens is the one that’s on the camera when I shoot the shot.

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