Francesca Pucci City Focus Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

7 Dec

In this project I chose to highlight the different colors, as these are the styles of this country. I tried not to isolate them from the rest, because I wanted it to be clearly visible the frame of the human aspect in this country: the nature. It is always present, in the form of reflection too. (photo 4) It is an element overshadowed in these photos, but important to represent this place.
The frontal and rigid shots, are softened by the lines of the trees, that are opposed to the straight lines and the colored blocks of the urbanism.

David Crausby – New World

1 Dec

New World

The idea for the project came to me in August 2013; standing on the balcony of my hotel at Jumeirah Beach Resort, I noticed graffiti on a wall which read: “New World Boredom”; With this in mind I started to photograph around Dubai.

The work has progressed and evolved on two subsequent visits to the UAE, with locations including, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Oman. In RAK in July and October 2014 I realized that the notion of ‘boredom’ was redundant and didn’t apply to the recent photographs. What I was now capturing had become an exploration into the vastness of social landscapes, rapid urban development and the traces of humanity discovered in such places.

I’m looking forward to escaping the Cumbrian Winter as the project continues with a fourth visit to the Emirates in February 2015. I love the light and the process of shooting images in such heat and isolation is arduous, liberating and uplifting in equal measure. To me these photographs suggest that there is hope in the incredible emptiness of it all.

Dan Mitchell Innes

23 Nov

I like to photograph the ordinary. I am from England and I’m 41 years old.
My main influences are William Eggleston, Diane Arbus, Stephan Shore and Martin Parr.

I try and take a camera with me all the time and photograph anything that interests me. I don’t go out for the sole reason to take photos very often as I don’t have the time.

I’ve been shooting seriously for about 8 years now but I’ve had an interest in photography since I was about 13yrs old.

I’m not really sure what draws me to photography and I don’t have any distinct goals. But I’m always surprised how rich a subject matter it is, there are photographs waiting to be taken around every corner. Maybe that’s what I like about it? There’s instant art everywhere! I’ve never studied photography, I don’t think I would enjoy it if was something I ‘had’ to do.


Back Streets, Manchester by Peter Bartlett

17 Nov

I know the city of Manchester well having been brought up nearby and in later life, working in the city centre on several occasions. So, I have always had an awareness of what I regard as Manchester’s true backstreets – streets named “Back #€*@$+% Street”.

In the 1980s there were almost thirty such streets in the City centre. Now just twelve remain, the others demolished during the city’s regeneration.

Located in the commercial centre of the city, these backstreets are within yards of thriving thoroughfares. Yet they can be deserted, dark, dirty, ugly and cluttered with litter, rubbish and waste bins. They are, however, functional and utilitarian, providing essential service access to the rear of often grand buildings and businesses.

With their origins in the 19th century they now reflect 21st century life and I have set out to show how their current use interfaces with their historic origins before more disappear.

Old Flo Picture Show

12 Nov

Photography is a tool for me to create something that´s according to my own understanding of visual esthetic. Keeping it simple and free from distractions is always a goal to get a balanced shot which is easy on the eye. Hope you enjoy it.
Florian, based in Nuremberg, Germany.

Dennis Duzhnik – Kiev, Ukraine

3 Nov

I live in Ukraine, in capital named Kiev. Maybe you heard about that place, cuz now we a living basically in hot spot, now we experiencing a war time that comes to us from our «brother» country. So Ukraine is not Russia, because a lot of my foreign friend think that there is no difference between Ukraine and Russia.
So in this hard time we live, sometimes you want to just run away, escape, forget or abstract for a while. My Route Motives is some kind of expression. Roads, perspectives, minimalism are one of the major parts of my lifestyle. And sometimes I’m just drive away to find some places like this one, taking tripod and two cameras digital and film one and just taking trips a lot to find myself in different street shots. All shots are digital, using a 0.2-2s shutter. Cameras: 5dmkII and 550d

Julien Hairault – Valence

22 Oct

I’m a French photographer based in Valence, a small and quiet city in the south-east of France. My work deals with the tracks and signs we leave along our streets and roads to communicate, inform, entertain and direct ourselves. Everywhere I go in my country, I carry around my medium-format camera and Kodak Portra films, avoiding to take pictures of people and touristic places.


15 Oct

I am a photographer. I live in Paris, France. Actually the place where i shot does not matter that much. No matter where i go, i always find myself photographing the same walls, sidewalks and other doors. I never felt the need to have people in my pictures, as what seems lifeless is, for me, on the contrary, very alive. I love minimalism and even a form of poetry of emptiness in my pictures. I am actually searching for an harmony in my photographs that i don’t find in life which is often too violent for me. As well as i do perfectly control and understand the process of doing interior photography (my work) I do not understand the process of how i do my personal pictures. I have rather the feeling that i am receiving the picture rather than really doing it myself in a very conscious and controlled way. So i keep on doing pictures until magic happens from time to time. Delphine Quême

Guy Ducharme – Accidental artworks

8 Oct

When I walk in the streets of Quebec city, I sometimes notice the unusual presence of objects placed on a sidewalk, in a backyard or along an industrial building. Isolated by photography, these detritus take another meaning and can be seen as accidental artworks made and placed in the city by anonymous artists.






Abandoned Couches by Erik Wilson

29 Sep

Abandoned couches. You’ve probably seen some on the streets or in the alleys where you live, or maybe discarded by the side of the road, or even tossed willy-nilly into a field or patch of empty land somewhere. What are they doing there? How did they get there? What happens to them? A few years ago, I was inspired by a fellow Flickr photographer who goes by the handle petalum to shoot and in a sense create backstories for all of these seemingly random pieces of furniture in the wild. His anthropomorphizing theory was that all of these sofas had somehow escaped their indoor bondage, and were now on the move somewhere — anywhere — but free. Something about the juxtaposition of these pieces, designed for indoor comfort and intimacy, but now exposed and vulnerable on their journeys, has appealed to me ever since. I’m constantly on the lookout for them, mostly in San Francisco, where I live, but pretty much everywhere I travel as well. Sofa Free forever!


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